Here is just a small selection of my previous work. However, it isn't the quickest way to find out how talented I am. The quickest is just to ask me directly. To which my response is always, very.

Unlock the Fun

​​Coo-ee the popular South African soda brand, launched a summer campaign Unlock the Fun. The campaign included prize giveaways where customers could win a Hyundai i10 and many other prizes. We developed a mobi-site and orchestrated the competition online through social media.

Colour Catwalk

​​For INECTO, a leading hair colour brand in Africa, we developed a Facebook micro-site to run a, first-of-it's-kind in Africa, online competition through social media.

Supa Mama

​​Supa Mama the brand had only just launched and needed some brand building. They already had a great story, but needed someone to understand the bigger picture and how to write it. The brief also required a full website and a print campaign concept to introduce the brand. These were the results.

MRP Sport
Seasonal Campaign

South Africa's largest clothing retailer was admist brand consolidation, moving their Outdoor offering under MRP Sport. They didn't need a brand launched but they needed a new campaign for an offering they had never really had before. Click to see the agency's response.

​​Before MRP Sport launched their website, they wanted a library of original content. Among articles and tutorials on various sports from rugby to yoga we also did infographics.

Unilever - Hellmann's Burger Route

After working on the successful official brand launch, we were made lead agency on another one of Hellmann's national campaigns.​​


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Hellmann's Mayonnaise, South Africa, Russel Smith Copywriter
Knorr Salad Dressing, Copywriting, Radio Ads, Russel Smith
Salad Dressing

Not even vegans get excited about the prospect of salad. So what does a salad dressing do to achieve brand loyalty in the face of encroaching competition with no development in the category?

KNORR Radio 1 - written by Russel Smith
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KNORR Radio 2 - written by Russel Smith
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Durban is Yours

​​I was fortunate enough to be asked to join Durban is Yours at the very beginning of the site as a contributing writer. After only a few months the site won, SA Music Blog 2011. Since that triumph DIY has grown to become a landmark in SA blogging and online youth culture.


You can view the full site, here.

Unilever - Hellmann's Launch


After being imported under license for decades, Hellmann's parent company, Unilever decided it was time to give Hellmann's the proper introduction to the market. Which also involved predicting the next in vogue junk food getting the pop culture spotlight after the pizza.


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Unilever - Sunlight
30 000 Plates

​​One bottle of Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid can clean 30 000 plates. We set out to prove that claim in a unique way.


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Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid, Campaign, Russel Smith Copywriter
Russel Smith Portfolio, Supa Mama, Copywriting, Website Copy
Supa Mama 

Years after working on the brand, I found myself working for the agency hired by Supa Mama, to update their website and to reflect a larger range.


Vist the site here

Unilever - Comfort Rejuvenate

Comfort wanted to introduce a new variant from it's homeotherapy inspired range of fragrances. This was an opportunity to interact with the target market in a new and disruptive way that was sure to be remembered. 

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