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Ten steps to secure your home

July 1, 2015

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Ten steps to secure your home

July 1, 2015

Step 1 - Install a security system


Before you try cut costs and go the DIY route and install home security devices yourself, here is why choosing a security company is a far safer bet.


Expert technicians with years of training, experience, and access to world leading home security devices will ensure your system, no matter how simple or complex will be installed and function as intended.


Reputable security companies also regularly test and maintain your security system so all the maintenance isn’t up to you.



Step 2 – Choose a monitored alarm system


Another reason to go with a reputable security company is the services they offer. Usually, you can choose 24-hour monitoring and armed response services.


Monitoring centres operate 24 hours a day. Once an alarm sounds, trained staff determine the kind of emergency, direct the nearest response team to you, and alert the local emergency services and local police.


It’s advisable to pick a security company with a network of response vehicles. This way you can be sure they have units on patrol 24/7, all year round. Their response officers should be trained to take down criminals safely and able to administer life-saving medical aid.


Step 3 – Put up signage


Place highly visible signs at the front and back of your property informing people that you have a security system installed. Even just displaying signage can be enough to deter a potential burglar.


Step 4 – Put up even more signage


Put up dog warning signs. Even if you don’t have a dog or a particularly large breed of dog, the sign is yet another reason for a burglar to pass your house over for a softer target.


Step 5 – Upgrade your doors


Consider upgrading all external doors to steel plated doors. They’re nearly impossible to break through without the help of power tools. Also, modern frames and hinges are virtually impossible to kick in.


Step 6 – Upgrade your windows


For your windows, upgrade your first and second story window locks and consider security glazing. Although windows aren’t impossible to get through these upgrades can delay a thief longer than he wants to spend out in the open.


Step 7 – Keep your windows locked


An experienced thief can clean you out of your valuables, quicker than it takes you to pop out for bread and milk. Don’t give them the opportunity. Keep your windows locked or install latches that limit how wide the window can be opened. However, keep them locked when you leave and at night. Even during summer.


Step 8 – Install CCTV cameras


Install security cameras in highly visible areas to passers-bye. CCTV can capture who comes and goes and if a break-in does occur, the footage may lead to an arrest and can be used as evidence.


Studies have shown, even if CCTV cameras aren’t functioning, their presence alone is sometimes enough of a deterrent.


Step 9 – Lock your garage


Never leave your garage door open whether you’re at home or not. This is especially important if you have access to your home through your garage. Get a good quality weatherproof lock for your garage door. Even if your garage door is motorized, they’re easy enough to force open.


Step 10 – Invest in a safe


Install a fireproof safe to store important documents, cash, jewellery, firearms and any other valuables. Ensure it isn’t easily located and that it’s secured to the floor or a wall. If a thief does get into your home and find your safe, he won’t bother trying to crack it or remove it from the premises.




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